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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Chapter 17 contains medication and medicines management related guidance and information that is relevant to the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak.
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Vaccine update: PHE COVID-19 vaccination programme special edition is available here.

The manufacturer's decision to discontinue Priadel (lithium carbonate tablets) has been reversed for now. There is currently no need to switch patients receiving Priadel to a different brand of lithium carbonate. For further information see the lithium section of this formulary. Updates will be posted when available. 

Priadel discontinuation - current advice from Oxford Health:

For patients currently prescribed Priadel - guidance on how to switch will be available soon. In the meantime continue to prescribe Priadel. See further advice in the Drugs & Therapeutics Group information bulletin, including information for community pharmacists about how to obtain continued supplies.

For new patients requiring treatment with lithium carbonate - do not initiate a new prescription with the Priadel brand. OH recommend initiating with either Liskonum or Camcolit brand. For more detailed advice, including some important differences, please see "How to start Liskonum or Camcolit (lithium carbonate modified release tablet)" guidance. Also linked from the lithium section of this formulary.

**Priadel to Camcolit switch guidance will be available soon**

Important differences in the supply of Clenil beclometasone 100microgam inhalers. In order to help maintain supplies, additional batches of this inhaler are being released into the NHS Supply Chain. However there are some key changes to be aware of that are detailed on the suppliers website and include a difference in how the inhaler looks.

Sertraline supply issues - We are aware that some community pharmacies are reporting difficulties obtaining sertraline 50mg and 100mg tablets. It has been confirmed that there is no national shortage of sertraline tablets, therefore switching patients to an alternative treatment is not necessary and is not being advised.

As different pharmacies obtain medication supplies from different wholesalers, we suggest that patients experiencing this problem should try taking their prescription to a different pharmacy. Further details and guidance is available here.

Depakote shortage - alternative options and prescribing guidance.

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How to search the formulary:
You can search for individual drugs by typing the drug name into the search box on the home page. Alternatively you can search for individual drugs or sections of the formulary by clicking on the chapter link from the menu at the top. This will take you to chapter headings based on the format of the BNF. Within these chapters there are links to Oxford Health prescribing guidelines, policies, shared care protocols, NICE guidelines, and other useful documents, guidance and medicines information.

Each page of drugs has three columns:
- first column = drug name with links to the BNF, BNFc and SPC.
- second column = Oxford Health formulary status.
- third column = CCG traffic light status with additional notes and links. A key can be found at the bottom of each page.

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